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Salmon Boosts

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A Treat as Special as Your Pet
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Salmon Boosts: The Ultimate Reward for Your Furry Friend

Indulge Your Pet with Pure Salmon Goodness

At Incentives, we're dedicated to making treat time extraordinary for your pet. Our freeze-dried treats not only offer the purest ingredients, like whole salmon, but also make raw feeding easy. These salmon chunks are raw and preserved using freeze-drying technology, unlocking a world of benefits that traditional treats simply can't match.

Discover the Benefits of Salmon Treats:

  • Omega-3 Rich: Packed with heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, these treats promote overall wellness.
  • Glossy Coat: Your pet's coat will shine with vitality, thanks to the natural oils in salmon.
  • Strong Joints: Support your pet's joint health with the power of salmon.
  • Unbeatable Flavor: Real salmon means unbeatable flavor, making these treats irresistible to your furry friend.

👉 Feeding Made Easy: Just a couple of these treats a day or sprinkle some on their meal for an extra nutritional boost.

Give your pet the best with our Salmon Boosts!

  • Daily Meal Topper

    Nutrient-rich topper, designed to support optimal health and longevity.The Ultimate Training Tool

  • Freeze-Dried

    All the goodness locked in with no need for preservatives.

  • Only The Best Ingredients

    Shop with confidence knowing your pet is eating the highest quality food on the market.

  • The Ultimate Training Tool

    Open the packet and watch them fall under a hypnotic spell.

Composition / Ingredient

As pure as it can get 🤝


Salmon Fillet

Nutrition spec:

Crude protein ≥25%,

Crude fat ≥50%,

Crude fiber ≤3.0%,

Crude ash ≤6.0%,

Moisture ≤6.0%.

How many treats will I get IN A TUBE?

Salmon Boosts: 60g approx 150 treats.

At first glance, 60 grams might seem quite slim however allow us to alleviate your concerns.

For instance, our Salmon Boosts start from about 300g of fresh, high-quality salmon fillet.

Once freeze-dried, what remains is the essence of the salmon rich in protein and omega-3 fatty acids, but lighter in weight.

Freeze-drying is a meticulous process where we gently remove water and moisture from our premium ingredients, preserving their natural nutrients and flavours without the need for artificial preservatives.

This process significantly reduces the weight but not the nutritional value or the original volume of the food.

These treats are incredibly nutrient rich and are to be fed in moderation.

Feeding Instructions

  • Treat your dog to Incentives Boosts as a high-value reward. Feed a only a small handful daily as part of a balanced diet. 🐾
  • Alternative Feeding - Sprinkle a few pieces of Incentives Boosts onto your dog's meal to enhance its nutritional value and make dinner time something to be excited about!

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
A big hit

Arrived quickly, really handy container - only negative I couldn’t read the teeny tiny print. I had an email prior to delivery advising the recommended amount to feed so that was ok.
I tried these when training my dog, he loved them! Shame I could only give him 3 as he would’ve loved more.
Really pleased and they will last ages

Samuel N.

My Poodle's coat is so much shinier since we started these treats. I'm thrilled!

Alexander Y.

No more itching, I can’t quite believe it.

Theodore J.

These Salmon Boosts are proof that good things come in small packages

William G.

I'm genuinely impressed with the impact these treats have had on my dog's health and energy. Highly recommended!