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Power Pack Bundle

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A Treat as Special as Your Pet
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Incentives Ultimate Pet Treat Bundle: A Well-Rounded Wellness Boost for Your Furry Friend 🐾🌟

Elevate your pet's health and happiness with the Incentives Ultimate Pet Treat Bundle. 🚀 This specially curated collection combines the nutritional power of our three signature treats:

Salmon Boosts 🐟 - Crafted from pure raw salmon, these treats are packed with heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids for overall wellness. They promote a glossy coat, support strong joints, and offer an unbeatable flavour that your furry friend won't resist. 

Egg Yolk Boosts 🥚 - Featuring single-ingredient goodness, these treats provide essential nutrients, including protein for muscle strength and vitality. They're a delicious way to support your pet's eye health and overall well-being.

Yoghurt Berry Boosts 🛡️ - A delightful blend of probiotics and antioxidants from yoghurt and blueberries, these treats promote a healthy gut, enhance antioxidant defence, and boost your pet's vitality.

When combined 🔥

These freeze-dried treats contribute towards a balanced and nutritious diet that your pet will love. Whether you use them as treats or meal enhancers, you're giving your pet the best of nature's goodness.

Enhance your pet's life today with the Incentives Ultimate Incentives Bundle 

  • The Ultimate Training Tool

    Open the packet and watch them fall under a hypnotic spell.

  • Freeze-Dried

    All the goodness locked in with no need for preservatives.

  • Only The Best Ingredients

    Shop with confidence knowing your pet is eating the highest quality food on the market.

Feeding Instructions

  • Treat your dog to Incentives Boosts as a high-value reward. Feed a only a small handful daily as part of a balanced diet. 🐾
  • Alternative Feeding - Sprinkle a few pieces of Incentives Boosts onto your dog's meal to enhance its nutritional value and make dinner time something to be excited about!

Gourmet sNACK - please Read

  • Unlike typical dog treats, our Boosts are exceptionally pure and packed with nutrients, made only from the highest quality ingredients 🌿✨
  • Consider them as the dog equivalent of a fine (healthy) chocolate - a luxurious treat meant to be enjoyed in small quantities due to its rich nutritional profile.