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Why Freeze-Dried?

Addressing the Gap: The current pet food market is riddled with options that barely meet nutritional standards. Many products are laden with low-grade ingredients, lacking in genuine nutritional value. These treats, filled with fillers and artificial additives, fall short of providing our pets with the health benefits they deserve.

The Superiority of Freeze-Drying: In contrast, freeze-drying emerges as a beacon of quality. This meticulous process, involving freezing and then removing moisture under a vacuum, ensures that the natural nutrients, flavours, and textures of premium ingredients are impeccably preserved. Our Freeze-dried products offer a wealth of health benefits.

Why Choose Freeze-Dried at Incentives: Incentives is committed to filling this nutritional void in the pet treat market. By adopting freeze-drying, we ensure that our treats not only tantalise your pet's taste buds but also contribute positively to their health. Our method guarantees treats packed with natural goodness, without any artificial preservatives or harmful additives.

Benefits of Freeze-Dried Treats:

  • Nutrient-Rich: Maintains more nutrients than traditional cooking or drying.
  • Long Shelf Life: Reduces spoilage without relying on harmful preservatives.
  • Natural Flavour Concentration: Offers intense flavours that pets love.
  • Easy to Store and Carry: Ideal for on-the-go nourishment and training.

Value and Efficiency: While initially seeming more expensive, our freeze-dried treats offer true value. For example, 100g of freeze-dried salmon is equivalent to about 300g of fresh salmon, providing the same nutritional benefits without unnecessary water content.

High-Value Rewards for Effective Training: Incentives treats aren’t just snacks; they’re high-value rewards. Perfect for training, these treats grab and hold your pet's attention, making learning new tricks and obedience a breeze. Their rich taste and nutritious content make them an ideal choice for reinforcing positive behaviour.

Transform Your Pet's Health and Behaviour: Switching to Incentives means choosing a path of health and vitality for your pet. Witness noticeable improvements in their energy, coat health, and responsiveness during training sessions.

Elevate Your Pet’s Diet Today: Ready to redefine your pet’s nutrition and training experience? Explore our range of premium, freeze-dried treats and join the Incentives revolution in pet health.


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