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Incentives Pets Freeze Dried Dog Treats

Explore the magic of premium treats with Incentives — where every bite is packed full of nutrition.

Freeze dried to retain all of the goodness without the need for preservatives these treats make the perfect daily meals topper and enriches their overall well-being.

Dive into a world of flavour, elevate everyday feeding, and let your pet savour the extraordinary.

About Us

Simply Superior Snacks

Feel the difference with Incentives – where freeze-drying locks in essential nutrients and vibrant flavours. Our natural dog treats are inspired by the best qualities of hypoallergenic dog food, offering a range from single-ingredient to thoughtfully combined probiotic recipes. Perfect for high-value rewards, each bite is a simple, tasty, and nutritious delight, ideal for training or as a special treat. Experience your dog's joy and eagerness with every pack you open, knowing you're providing the best, subtly suited for all, including those looking for treats for dogs with allergies or sensitivities.

  • After cutting out the classic supermarket treats and switching to Incentives, the difference in my dog's health is night and day.

    She used to be sluggish with occasional stomach upset, but now she's vibrant, her eyes sparkle, and her energy levels are through the roof. I believe the natural, single-ingredient treats from Incentives made all the difference. We're customers for life!

    Catherine S Redding
  • I'm not an expert but feeding my dog single ingredient treats sits so much better with me.

    It's no secret that the absolute bottom of the barrel meat is what goes into the standard dog food and treats.

    It's so refreshing knowing I'm feeding my rescue the highest quality ingredients available.

    Rory L Nottingham
  • Our Miniature Schnauzer was always a bit timid, especially during training sessions. After incorporating Incentives into our routine, there's a noticeable boost in her confidence and focus.

    I'm truly impressed by how these natural treats have helped her overcome her nervousness.

    Kudos to Incentives for creating such a beneficial and tasty product

    Grace S London

Why do your treats not weigh much?

The net weight of our freeze-dried dog treats, ranging from 50 to 120 grams, reflects the innovative freeze-drying process that we apply to our high-quality ingredients. This technique removes nearly all the water content, which reduces the weight but not the nutritional impact.

For instance, our 60g bag of freeze-dried salmon is equivalent to about 300g of fresh salmon. The freeze-drying process concentrates the nutrients and flavor, delivering the same amount of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and other vital nutrients that would be found in a much larger serving of fresh fish.

By choosing our lightweight, nutrient-dense treats, you're ensuring your dog enjoys the full health benefits of real, whole foods in a more convenient, shelf-stable, and longer-lasting form. It's a concentrated dose of health and flavor in every bite!

How can you offer single ingredient treats?

Our Freeze-Drying Mastery: Incentives can offer single ingredient treats due to our advanced freeze-drying process. This method preserves the natural goodness of a single source, eliminating the need for any additives.

Unwavering Quality Focus: We refuse to compromise our treats with fillers or grains simply to cut costs. Our single ingredient treats stand for uncompromised quality, offering pure nutrition without padding profits

My dog has allergies, can I feed her these?

Absolutely, Incentives freeze-dried treats could be an excellent choice for your dog with allergies.

Our treats are single ingredient, meaning they contain only one pure food source, which greatly minimises the risk of allergic reactions.

This simplicity is key for dogs with sensitivities. And with no grains, fillers, or artificial additives, they're as safe as they are nutritious.

However, do check that your dog isn't allergic to the specific ingredient we use.

For peace of mind, you might also want to confirm with your vet.

Our treats are designed to be safe and enjoyable for all dogs, even those with dietary restrictions

I am worried my dog wont like them

We know that finding the right treat for a picky eater can be a challenge.

While we can't guarantee, we're 99% sure that your pup will love our Incentives Boosts!

We have helped dogs who are reluctant to eat their regular meals or take their medications.

Give Incentives a try today and see what the hype is about!

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